Smyrna Food Truck Tuesdays

This takes place five minutes from my house and I only found out about this now?!  There’s even live music and a nice park for you to hang around in.  For seven-fiddy I was able to get an awesome meal full of love and originality!

My first stop was the little Snap! Franks & Coneys where I had a Latin Lover - a bratwurst wrapped in bacon and grilled then smothered in caramelized onions and toped with chipotle mayo.  Delicious!  And cheap!  

For dessert I went to the King of Pops handmade popsicle stand.  They had unique flavors like chocolate and sea salt, honeydew, and arnold palmer, but I went for a blueberry cobbler pop.  It was so creamy and full of flavor!  Also delicious. 

If anyone lives in the west Atlanta area, you’ve gotta stop by and hit up this truck meet on Tuesday nights.